How to Start Your Diabetes Breakthrough Even If You  Tried And Failed In The Past.

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Using the tools in this membership program: your doctor will be impressed, and your A1c will drop within the first six months.


Strategies on how to eat and move to increase energy throughout the day while feeling younger than you have in years.


A key benefit in following this program is discovering simple lifestyle changes to improve your health and your weight. 

In This Video Training Course, You'll Get

Six Video Modules To Guide You In Your Diabetes Breakthrough
Module 1: Diabetes 101

In this module we cover the basics of the epidemic rise in diabetes and a simple overview of the disease and it's related complications.

Module 3: Mind

Your ability to fight diabetes starts with your mind. Here we discuss how hope along with the proper mindset is the key to battling this disease.

Module 5: Mouth

Your health and blood sugars are directly related to what you put in your mouth. Here we cover learning to "Eat to live not live to eat".

Bonus Training Material

This program is filled with extra training material and is updated frequently with reports, videos, audios and other resources.

Module 2: The 3M Formula

This module gives an overview of her 3M Formula. Tracy reveals the three areas that has helped her stay free from complications for almost 40 years, Mind, Mouth, and Move.

Module 4: Psychology of Self-Control

In this module we cover how you can develop self-control muscles. These muscles are needed to conquer the daily temptations that can negatively impact the battle for your health.

Module 6: Move

Movement is critical in being healthy and taking control of your blood sugars. We cover how movement impacts your diabetes and learn ways to get more fun movement throughout your day.

About the Author

Tracy Herbert is the author of “Diabetes Tragedy to Triumph” and is an expert in diabetes, having lived with Type 1 diabetes for almost 40 years successfully, without any complications. She is a sought after speaker and is a frequent guest on numerous TV shows across the country. Tracy recently spoke at Harvard to share her strategies on beating diabetes. Tracy rode her bicycle from the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco to the Brooklyn Bridge in New York City, 3,527 miles, to prove her strategies work and inspire others to take control of their health. She ended her ride featured on the Dr. Oz Show.

Involved in health and wellness for over 20 years, she brings unique fun and energetic strategies to help her clients learn how to live healthy lives. She uses her passion, and gift of encouragement, to offer simple tools to those struggling to get control of their life, the healthy way. Tracy has a BS in Psychology, is a trained Wellness Coach, Certified Personal trainer, and helps people from all walks of life. The focus of her coaching practice is working with clients newly diagnosed with prediabetes or struggling to take control of their Type 2 diabetes. Tracy leads an active life of cycling, hiking, backpacking, and running.

What People are Saying...

Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

I've Learned How To Treat My Body With Care and I Truly See The Difference

Tracy is a great health coach....when I met her about 2 years ago I was not exercising nor eating right...when Tracy came into my life she was truly a blessing to my life...since being under the leadership she has encouraged me to exercise and eat right and I truly see the difference in my life...I've learned how to treat my body with care and to exercise on a regular basis...she also taught me things to be able to do things at home when I was unable to work out...again she has truly been a blessing in my life and I love her for sharing her gifts

Denice R.
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

Since Working With Tracy, My Confidence Has Skyrocketed!

When I started with Tracy two years ago, I was afraid to workout in public because I was not familiar with the equipment or how to use it. But, since I been working with Tracy, my confidence has skyrocketed!!! She patiently taught me how use the equipment and get the best workout for me. Tracy Herbert Rocks!!!!

Nicole S.
Marc Stevens ( Web Design Media )

This Directed Me Towards A Healthier Lifestyle

Tracy Herbert helped me by reviewing my present eating and exercise habits and directed me towards a healthier lifestyle with suggested steps to help me get started. Thank you Tracy!

Myma W.

Is This Program Right for You?

While my goal is to help as many people as possible, there are some people who this program is not for.


  • You have Prediabetes, Type 2 Diabetes, or Type 1 Diabetes.
  • Diabetes is a risk factor and you want to do everything possible to prevent it.
  • You have a close family member with diabetes and you want to learn how to help them with strategies to beat this disease.
  • You have made the decision to take control of your health
  • You recognize that the investment of time and energy is worth the benefit of improving your health
  • You're tired of making excuses and you know it is time to take action for your health


  • A person looking for a quick fix or "magic pill"
  • Someone NOT willing to make the necessary changes NOW to improve health.
  • If you are unwilling to take FULL responsibility for your own health.
  • Someone who is "closed minded" and not willing to accept new medical research and strategies to Prevent, Reverse, or Control diabetes.
Try It Out 100% Risk Free For 30 Days

This is a no risk decision. If you are not convinced after 30 days that this program is right for you, request and receive an immediate no questions asked refund. You can also cancel the program at any time.


In addition to access to the six module video training, when you take action you'll receive these bonuses:

Special Bonus Section

We are constantly adding training, reports, and expert interviews to the Bonus Section.  The Bonus Section will keep you up-to-date on the latest information and tips Tracy has to share on beating Diabetes.

Isn't It Time For Your Diabetes Breakthrough?

This is about you and your health and getting the support and encouragement you need to take control.

Your Diabetes Breakthrough

  • Lifetime Access To 6 Video Modules
  • Lifetime Access to the Bonus Training Section
  • Regular emails from Tracy to share the latest information on beating diabetes.

This Program is normally $97 

Why would we almost give this away?

  • I want this training in the hands of as many people as possible
  • I don't want money get in the way of anyone finding the help they need to fight this difficult and costly disease
  • I don't want anyone dependent on insulin the way I have been for 40 years
  • Full disclosure, I know that some of you will want more help and will go on to be clients in my personal coaching


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

What do you mean by Prevent, Reverse, or Control diabetes?

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How can I get a refund?

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